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Mohamed NourEldin From Chicago - USA

Mohamed NourEldin

25th Anniversary Commemoration
Muslim Community Center from Chicago - News Letter in the Memory of Mr. Mohamed NourEldin
MCC News Letter
The above article has a number of error, where Mr. NourEldin was a graduate of Cairo University and not Al-Azhar. Also Mr. NourEldin had three sons and four daughters.

Meeting Egyptian President Anwar Al-Sadat in Chicago
President Anwar Al-Sadat meeting

President Anwar Al-Sadat meeting in Chicago

Mr. Mohamed NourEldin Children,Grandchildren and friends on a community trip to the State of Colorado - USA

on their trip to the  State of Colorado

Islamic Foundation School (IFS) in Villa Park, Illinois - USA where Mr. NourEldin and his family helped in teaching children and adults.

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